What do you use Flaminal Forte for?

Flaminal – our solution for acute & chronic wounds Flaminal® (Hydro / Forte) can be used for acute and chronic wound types. The wound treatment is available in two formulations: Flaminal® Hydro for slightly to moderately exuding wounds and Flaminal® Forte for wounds with moderate to high amounts of wound exudate.

How long should you use Flaminal Forte?

Flaminal® (Hydro & Forte) can be used until the expiry date (seen on the tube), two years from manufacture. Even after it is opened, Flaminal® (Hydro & Forte) can be used until the expiry date shown, provided the cap is replaced securely after use.

Is Flaminal antibacterial?

Flaminal®, containing the antimicrobial GLG enzyme system, could be considered as a valid alternative to topical antibiotics and other antimicrobial wound dressings. In addition to the antimicrobial activity, the cytotoxicity of the alginate-based wound dressing containing the GLG enzyme system was analyzed.

Does Flaminal remove Slough?

Question 1 asked the respondents to rate the ability of Flaminal in the removal/debridement of slough/necrotic tissue from the wound bed. A statistically significant number of clinicians stated that the wound bed had improved by using Flaminal.

How do I get rid of exudate?

In local wound management, dressings and topical negative pressure therapy devices are the main option for managing exudate. Patients with underlying venous hypertension will require compression therapy.

Should I clean exudate?

Maintenance of a moist wound healing environment is widely accepted as the ‘ideal’ environment for wounds to heal. Wound fluid or ‘exudate’ in the right amount can bathe the wound with nutrients and actively cleanse the wound’s surface.

How do I stop exudate?

What color is serous exudate?

Serosanguinous drainage is thin, like water. It usually has a light red or pink tinge, though it may look clear in some cases. Its appearance depends on how much clotted red blood is mixed with serum. To better understand serosanguinous drainage, it helps to know the various components of blood.

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