What are two synonyms for capabilities?

synonyms for capabilities

  • capacity.
  • efficiency.
  • facility.
  • means.
  • potential.
  • power.
  • proficiency.
  • wherewithal.

What is another word for $20?

$20 bill as a “Jackson”, or a “dub”, or a “double sawbuck”.

What is the synonym for J?


j J Boogie J Dilla
J. B. Blanc J. B. Gaynor J. B. Icenhower
J. Barney Sherry J. Barry Herron J. Benton Cheney
J. Buzz Von Ornstei… J. C. Boscán J. C. Brandy
J. C. MacKenzie J. Caleb Boggs J. Carlos Carbajal

What is another word for functionality?

What is another word for functionality?

utility usefulness
effectiveness service
practicality profit
efficacy avail
help helpfulness

What are the capabilities?

The capabilities that have been identified are:

  • literacy.
  • numeracy.
  • information and communication technology capability.
  • critical and creative thinking.
  • personal and social capability.
  • ethical understanding.
  • intercultural understanding.

Why is a pony 25?

The terms monkey, meaning £500, and pony, meaning £25, are believed by some to have come from old Indian rupee banknotes, which it is asserted used to feature images of those animals, but this is untrue as no Indian banknotes have featured these animals.

What words can you make with J?

Words That Contain J

  • aji.
  • haj.
  • jab.
  • jag.
  • jam.
  • jar.
  • jaw.
  • jay.

What words have AJ in them?

8 letter words containing aj

  • majority.
  • majestic.
  • majolica.
  • kinkajou.
  • carcajou.
  • cajuputs.
  • cajoling.
  • cajolers.

How do you describe functionality?

: the quality of having a practical use : the quality of being functional. : the particular use or set of uses for which something is designed. See the full definition for functionality in the English Language Learners Dictionary. More from Merriam-Webster on functionality.

What does workability mean?

Definition of ‘workability’ The workability of a substance, especially a metal, is how easily it can be changed into a new shape. The workability of a substance, especially a metal, is how easily it can be changed into a new shape.

What kind of targeting system does the J-20 have?

Beijing A Star Science and Technology has developed the EOTS-86 electro-optical targeting system and Electro-Optical Distributed Aperture System for the J-20 and potentially other PLAAF fighters to detect and intercept stealth aircraft.

Are there any antonyms for the word capability?

Synonyms for capabilities in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for capabilities. 22 synonyms for capability: ability, means, power, potential, facility, capacity, qualification(s), faculty, competence, proficiency, wherewithal, potentiality.

When did the J-20 combat aircraft enter service?

The J-20 made its maiden flight on 11 January 2011, and was officially revealed at the 2016 China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition. The aircraft entered service in March 2017, and began its combat training phase in September 2017. The first J-20 combat unit was formed in February 2018.

How big is the range of the J-20?

The J-20’s long-range missile, the PL-15, has a range over 200 km and can reach speeds up to Mach 4, outclassing its US counterpart, the AIM-120, which is believed to have a 160 km range. China is also developing a newer missile that will supposedly have a 300 km range.