What are some useless websites?

19 best useless websites according to the internet

  1. HackerTyper. HackerTyper is one of those websites that exists but you can’t quite put your finger on why it exists.
  2. One Fish Studio’s uselesscatgame.
  3. Cat Bounce.
  4. Long Doge Challenge.
  5. Pointer Pointer.
  6. Mondrian and Me.
  7. Bored Button.
  8. Ffffidget.

What is the most boring website in the world?

Radio Station Commentaries: “The most boring website ever” from Roger & JP at WBAB, Long Island, NY.

How can I waste time in an hour?

13 Ways to Waste Time — and How to Get It BACK!

  1. Learn something useless. Funny thing about triskaidekaphobia.
  2. Spend countless hours on YouTube.
  3. Never turn off the TV.
  4. Read all the junk emails in your inbox.
  5. Get lost.
  6. Stand in line and wait.
  7. Excessively post on social media.
  8. Go to the gym and do nothing.

What is the most interesting website?

20 Interesting Websites You Probably Don’t Know

  • Tickld. Tickld is your go-to spot for anything humorous and funny, for anything that’s really cool and interesting, or stuff that’s just plain WTF.
  • Patatap.
  • CoolThings.
  • Cool Hunting.
  • Not Always Right.
  • The Art of Manliness.
  • Drench.
  • Cooking for Engineers.

What is the website that takes you to random sites?

Discuvver: Find a Useful Website You Didn’t Know About Discuvver focuses on useful websites exclusively, but adds StumbleUpon’s randomness to it. Click the Take me to a useful website button on the homepage to open a new tab with a random website in it. You can click that button as many times as you want.

Which is the best site to procrastinate on?

From popular titles, like Angry Birds, Cut The Rope or Slither.io, to other lesser know games, the hardest task will surely be to choose what to play. Looking at things to buy is also a good form of procrastination, and this website is excellent at that.

Why do people use the Internet to procrastinate?

Computers, tablets and smartphones are amazing devices, allowing us to make more in less time. They’re incredible at making us more productive, but they can also work against you. With the advent of the internet, along came several website with no other goal than procrastination.

Which is the best toy for procrastination on the Internet?

Voxels, another toy from Mr. Doob, invites you to build with blocks. This one can be as artful or as aimless as you want it to be. Click on the grid to add blocks; click anywhere else to change your point of view.

Is it good or bad to procrastinate at work?

Procrastinating isn’t always bad – after a long and stressful day at work, surfing the web and checking random sites without a worry in the world can do wonders. Also, it does not have to be negative, as we can learn while doing nothing. For that specific purpose, here is a selection of ten of the best sites for procrastination.