Does BYU Idaho have graphic design?

Graphic Design Programs at Brigham Young University – Idaho Brigham Young University – Idaho is a branch of BYU that provides opportunities for students in Idaho. Its Department of Art offers a number of programs that appeal to graphic design students. One such program is its Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design.

Does BYU Idaho have a good art program?

The Art Department offers a solid foundation in the visual arts. The faculty in the Department of Art make it their top priority to help students gain knowledge and reach their full potential.

Does BYU Idaho have an animation program?

The program is closed-enrollment, accepting on average 20-25 students per year. Students may gain entrance into the program through either the Animation route (to graduate with a BFA in Animation) or through the Computer Science Animation Emphasis route (to graduate with a BA in Computer Science: Animation Emphasis).

How do I change my major at BYUI?

You can change your major through the Grad Plan tool. Create an alternate grad plan in I-Plan for your desired major/minor/certificate combination. Once you have mapped out all the courses up to graduation for your desired degree, you can then change your major without the need to contact any administrators on campus!

Does BYUI have speech pathology?

Program Descriptions. Students in the Communicative Disorders program prepare for further studies in the fields of speech-language pathology or audiology, professions dedicated to assisting individuals with communication difficulties.

Does BYU-Idaho have an interior design program?

Interior designers creatively enhance the function and aesthetics of these diverse interior environments. Entrance to the program is by application. An application, separate from acceptance to Brigham Young University-Idaho, is required and is available at

Can I change my track BYUI?

The best way to change tracks is to apply for, and get accepted into, the Fast Grad Program. This would allow you to attend school every semester. However, you must have at least 50 credits to be eligible. If you do not have that many credits, you should apply to change to the Spring/Fall track.

How many majors does BYUI?

69 majors
Brigham Young University – Idaho offers 90 distinct undergraduate degrees, concentrated into 69 majors within 24 broad fields of study.