Can the Miraculous Medal be gold?

Today, Catholics around the world give each other miraculous medals. We offer miraculous medal pendants made of precious gold or sterling silver. Many miraculous medals also contain this phrase engraved on the front: O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.

Is the Miraculous Medal worn for protection?

THE CURE. Mary and her Miraculous Medal are just as important today as they were back in 1830. They are the solution to all of the difficulties we’re facing. Now more than ever, we need our Blessed Mother’s comfort and protection.

Can a non Catholic wear a Miraculous Medal?

If you are wondering, why wear the miraculous medal, there are a few compelling reasons to consider adding it to your look. Many people incorrectly assume they are only worn by Catholics. While they are a very popular piece of jewelry for Catholics, they can also be worn by anyone for a variety of reasons.

What is on the Miraculous Medal?

The Medal is a visual reminder of our salvation through Jesus Christ. FRONT SIDE: The front side of the Miraculous Medal depicts Mary Immaculate, her hands open, full of light. The year 1830 on the Miraculous Medal is the year the Blessed Mother gave the design of the Miraculous Medal to St.

What is the brown scapular?

According to the Vatican’s Congregation for Divine Worship, the Brown Scapular is “an external sign of the filial relationship established between the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother and Queen of Mount Carmel, and the faithful who entrust themselves totally to her protection, who have recourse to her maternal intercession.

What do I do with the Miraculous Medal?

It is often worn to help strengthen the faith of a person in the Catholic tradition, but can be worn by anyone with a Christian affiliation and a respect for the Blessed Mother. The medal is also worn by those looking to draw closer to their faith or those experiencing hard times in their personal life.

Why do we wear the Brown Scapular?

Is it OK to wear a metal scapular?

It is acceptable to wear a metal scapular medal, though one must be invested with the cloth scapular first. The Scapular Medal can also be worn in case of real necessity or for very serious reasons, such as an allergy to wool.

How big is a 14K gold Miraculous Medal?

SALE! This 14K gold Miraculous Medal available from features dimensions of 23 X 16 millimeters, approximately 4/5 inch by 3/4 inch. The standard size makes it ideal for women. Made of 14K Yellow Gold, the Miraculous Medal shown here weighs approximately 1.45 grams.

How tall is the chain of a Miraculous Medal?

Shipped directly to you. Miraculous Medal. Medal Measures 1-inch tall by 5/8-inch wide. Chain is 24 Inches in length Endless Light Rhodium Heavy Curb Chain. In Stock!

How tall is the Medal of the Immaculate Conception?

The Medal of the Immaculate Conception symbolizes the graces available to us through Our Lady. It has been called the Miraculous Medal owing Please Note: Returns may be subject to a restocking fee. Shipped directly to you. Miraculous Medal. Medal Measures 1-inch tall by 5/8-inch wide.

What kind of medal is Our Lady of Grace?

Made of solid sterling silver, this tall oval Miraculous Medal features an image of Our Lady of Grace surrounded with, ‘O MARY CONCEIVED WITHOUT SIN PRAY FOR US WHO HAVE RECOURSE TO THEE’ beautifully scripted in In Stock! This sterling silver oval Miraculous Medal comes on a 24′ rhodium chain.