Are car manufacturers extended warranties worth the money?

Like most insurance policies, an extended warranty is something you pay for in the hope that you’ll never need to use it. For many owners, the peace of mind alone is worth the price; even if your car is built by a brand renowned for its reliability, there’s always a risk that something could go wrong.

Does aftermarket windshield void warranty?

Although many dealers would have you think otherwise, simply having an aftermarket part or modifying your vehicle cannot void your warranty. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act states that a dealer must prove that aftermarket equipment caused the need for repairs before it can deny warranty coverage.

Can you get an aftermarket warranty?

Aftermarket warranties, which can be purchased from a dealership or a third-party provider, can offer several levels of coverage with various terms, often adding another five years or up to 120,000 miles. These terms only apply after the factory warranty expires.

Why car extended warranties are a waste of money?

Well, the worst thing about an extended warranty is that it is overpriced. In fact, about half of what you pay goes to the salesperson’s commission. So a lot of the money you hand over doesn’t even go toward the purpose of the warranty, which is to pay for things that go wrong with the car over the contract period.

How do I stop auto warranty calls?

Have an Android phone? Check with your cell provider on how to block unknown callers, or consider purchasing a call blocking app on Google Play, such as NoMoRobo or Robostopper or others. If you want an extended warranty for your vehicle, talk to your dealer about which warranties they will accept in their shop.

What mods can you do without voiding warranty?

Exterior Mods Anything that you can bolt on to the outside or inside of the car that has no function other than looks will also not have any issue with manufacturer warranty as well. Even functional exterior mods like a wing or diffusers will be able to clear the service writer’s checklist.

Will changing your own oil void warranty?

Changing your own oil won’t directly void your manufacturer’s warranty. However, if your car is damaged as a result, the repairs needed won’t be covered by the manufacturer. If you’re going to do your own oil changes, make sure to use the type of oil recommended by the car manufacturer.

What’s the best aftermarket car warranty?

12 Best Extended Car Warranty Companies

Best Extended Car Warranty Motor1 Award Cost Rating
#1: Endurance Best Coverage 4.5
#2: CarShield Best Value 5.0
#3: CARCHEX Best for Used Cars 4.5
#4: Protect My Car Best Maintenance Benefits 4.5